What are the six most important ESP customizations?

Find out how your ESP can be custom tailored to perform at its peak.

 ClickMail’s CTO has authored our latest guide: 

Customize Your Enterprise
Email Service Provider:
A Guide to Maximizing
Relevance and ROI

This guide gives email marketers a CTO’s perspective on the six ESP customizations that do the most to drive superior email campaign performance.
You’ll learn how customizing your ESP gets you as close as possible to the Holy Grail of emailing the right people the right content at the right time. 

In this guide you’ll explore:
  • How to determine the data structure that will leverage your data most completely
  • Approaches to integrating your ESP with other critical business systems
  • How advanced segmentation drives the delivery of relevant content
  • Why automation is essential when your lists are large
  • How the right analytics tool generates insights (and actions) that improve campaigns – fast.  

We hope you find this Guide informative and thought provoking.
Once you’ve read it, we’d be delighted to discuss how customizing your ESP can make your email smarter. 


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